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I know it’s not Harvard but I’ve been accepted to college and out of all things I never accomplished in high school I actually met my biggest goal. I could be in Miami this time next year or I could be in California but it doesn’t even matter I’m just so happy and thankful for my best friends support because they make up for the family I barely have. Graduation just became that much more exciting 🎓


The next World Cup is taking place in Brazil this coming summer. It has been estimated that the Brazilian government is spending about 400 million US dollars, and displacing about 200 thousand people from their homes. 
 @francislane and silenttapes believe children in these poor areas around Fortaleza should be a priority, but the reality is they are not. Stephanie and Francis want to give 50 of these children a voice, and empower them with a 5 week photography workshop so they can tell their own stories through the power of photography. If this speaks to you, and want to find out more - and perhaps support this project, visit their kickstarter 
The link is
They will make a book and exhibition of the children’s best photographs, and the proceeds will go directly back to the children and many more families in their community. By making your pledge and backing their project, you will also reserve your own copy of the book and put them closer to their goal, to help the children


waterfall in singapore botanic gardens 
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